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Human CD119 Recombinant (IFNGR1)


accession:  P15260
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Domain  :  Ig-like C2
Gene  :  IFNGR1
Catalog no. :  RKP15260

Optimized DNA sequence  encoding  extracellular domain of Human IFN-gamma receptor (IFNGR1)  including a C-terminal 6His tag was expressed in HEK293 cells.

Molecular weight:

Recombinant Human IFN-gamma receptor (CD119) is a protein consisting of 239 amino acid residue subunits, due to glycosylation migrates as an approximately 40kDa protein on SDS-PAGE.

>95%, as determined by SDS-PAGE and HPLC



Endotoxin content was assayed using a LAL gel clot method.
Endotoxin level was found to be less than 0.1 ng/µg(1EU/µg).

Recombinant Human IFNGR1 (CD119) is supplied as a 0.2 μm filtered PBS solution, pH7.2.

Recombinant Human IFN gamma receptor (CD119), as supplied, can be stored in working aliquots at 2° - 8° C for one month, or at -20°C to -70°C for twelve months.

Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles.

This product is for research purposes only.It may not be used for therapeutics or diagnostic purposes.


IFN-gamma receptor

The IFN-γR is a heterotetramer comprised of two α-chains (R1) and two β- chains (R2) that are constitutively associated with Jak1 and Jak2, respectively. Upon ligand binding to IFN-γR1, activation of Jak1 and Jak2 ensues leading to phosphorylation of tyrosine on IFN-γR1, thereby generating a docking site for the transcription factor Stat1α. Once at the activated receptor complex, Stat1α monomers homodimerize and are phosphorylated on tyrosine. The phosphorylated homodimer disassociates from the receptor and translocates to the nucleus where it binds to IFN-γ activated sequences (GAS) elements in IFN-γ-regulated genes.

Related Publications:
ifn- receptor-deficient donor t cells mediate protection from graft-versus-host disease and preserve graft-versus-tumor responses after allogeneic bone marrow transplantation
J. Immunol., Aug 2012; 189: 2033 - 2042.
il-29 and ifn differ in their ability to modulate il-12 production by tlr-activated human macrophages and exhibit differential regulation of the ifn receptor expression
Blood, Feb 2011; 117: 2385 - 2395.
ifn- receptor signaling regulates memory cd8+ t cell differentiation
J. Immunol., Mar 2010; 184: 2855 - 2862.
socs-1 binding to tyrosine 441 of ifn- receptor subunit 1 contributes to the attenuation of ifn- signaling in vivo
J. Immunol., Oct 2009; 183: 4537 - 4544.
ifn- receptor signaling mediates spinal microglia activation driving neuropathic pain
PNAS, May 2009; 106: 8032 - 8037.

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