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Rabbit anti Adrenomedullin Receptor Polyclonal


accession:  O15218
   Size A     100ug   $ 230
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Clone  : 
Isotype  :  IgG
Catalog no. :  RPA15218
ELISA: A suitable range of concentrations of this antibody for IHC  is 1-2 µg/ml.
il-2 elisa Western blot:A suitable range of concentrations of this antibody for WB detection is 2-10 µg/ml.
il-2 elisa IHC: A suitable range of concentrations of this antibody for IHC  is 2-10 µg/ml.
melatonin Immunohistochemistry/IHC

Immunohistochemistry of FFPE Human lung carcinoma sections expressing ADM receptor. 

Cat# RPA15218 was used as primary antibody, dilution 1:200.




Polyclonal Adrenomedullin Receptor (ADMR) antibody was produced from sera of mice immunized with synthetic protein containing Adrenomedullin Receptor antigenic determinants.
Species reactivity:

Serum IgG fraction was purified by Protein G affinity chromatography.

Lyophilized from sterile filtered PBS solution at a concentration of 1mg/ml.
A quick spin of the vial followed by reconstitution in distilled water. This solution can then be diluted into other buffers
The lyophilized antibody is stable for at least 1 year  from date of receipt at -20° C.
Upon reconstitution, this antibody can be stored in working aliquots at 2° - 8° C for one month, or at -20° C for six months without detectable loss of activity.

Avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles.


This antibody product is for research purposes only.It may not be used for therapeutics or diagnostic purposes.


adrenomedullin receptor

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identification of Neuropeptide Y-like conopeptides from the venom of conus betulinus
Acta Biochim Biophys Sin, Jun 2010; 10.1093/abbs/gmq042.
Neuropeptide Y directly inhibits neuronal activity in a subpopulation of gonadotropin-releasing hormone-1 neurons via y1 receptors
Endocrinology, Jun 2010; 151: 2736 - 2746.
the central and basolateral amygdala are critical sites of Neuropeptide Y/y2 receptor-mediated regulation of anxiety and depression
J. Neurosci., May 2010; 30: 6282 - 6290.
estrogen modulates the contribution of Neuropeptide Y to baseline hindlimb blood flow control in female sprague-dawley rats
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kisspeptin cells in the ewe brain respond to leptin and communicate with Neuropeptide Y and proopiomelanocortin cells
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